The Touch Key - The Seventh Key of the Positivity Keys

20th Sep 2023

The Touch Key - The Seventh Key of the Positivity Keys

The touch key is the seventh key of the seven positivity keys. This key can amplify the power of the preceding six keys in the role of bringing us closer to the essence of our shared existence. I know that was a mouthful, but basically, there are two types of touch. There's a physical touch and there's a touch of universal wholeness, one where we're all connected. 

Let's break it down a little bit. Let's first talk about the physical touch. When we think about touching something, it's an expression of connection. Support maybe even. It can convey our emotions. We can share energy and we can make it tangible. We can touch something solid or liquid and infuse it with a deeper sense of resonance and purpose within us. And what I mean by that is, have you ever taken your shoes off and just walked in the grass? Think about the way it feels, the way it makes you feel grounded, and the way it makes you feel energy. It's pretty incredible actually. I think that I could probably remember that sense of feeling growing up on a farm, of course, being out in nature almost all the time. How being surrounded by that energy filled you up, walking through the fields of strawberries and climbing the apple tree and laying and picking clover, petting the horses and all the things down in the grass you can put your hands on. 

Even, today, when I wash my hands, I feel the water on my hands and I stay in that moment and that feeling of the energy that's coming from that other source and being connected to it. It amplifies things inside my body to create a deeper connection. When we hug somebody, it sends and courses that energy back and forth between us, holding hands, all things we can physically touch. 

There's that gateway to your empowerment through the universal wholeness where it's beyond the physical touch and it's a universal consciousness where it connects all of us and we know we're part of a larger whole. We're not alone in this. We're not just you and your house and mine and my house. 

When my friends and I talk to each other and maybe one of us is not feeling well that day, we always say we're sending our white light because we can push that energy and that healing touch out to other people and help them heal.

Finding the ways that we can use energy through touch is going to put that amplification into those other six keys for us. How about through visualization? You know, we can touch upon visualization and it's going to create a vividness to our emotions. How about touching on feelings, infusing your emotions and heightening their impact? Allowing those feelings to guide you toward positivity and authentic connections with other people or nature for that matter. Touching upon all of those seven keys, touching upon your thoughts and your intentions and guiding them toward your manifestation through your thoughts of energy touch and your clarity and your purpose and shaping your reality. 

It doesn't necessarily have to be a physical touch but it can also be an energy touch. When you touch on the act of sharing, you're touching lives. When you're sharing positivity then it becomes a force that touches the hearts of other people, inspiring growth and transformation and a deeper sense of community. We are not on this journey by ourselves and sometimes, even when you are all alone, you're really not alone. You're gathering and sharing energy and connection with other people. 

Remember when we were talking about how we have a responsibility as humans in this collective? Part of that responsibility means that we really want to be in touch with ourselves and then in touch with others. This is your time to shine. This is your time to take all these keys, put them into action and motion, and touch upon them. You can heal yourself from the inside out, you can become a better, more positive person. You can live a better, more positive lifestyle, live freer and happier, and a little bit lighter. And then you can share it with other people so that you can just continuously create more and more positivity with all the people that you surround yourself, with all the people that you're connected to, and all the nature that you're connected to. And share more love and be a part of something bigger than yourself. 

I hope that you have found incredible information through this journey. Don't forget to touch back on the website to find all the tools that I've been putting up there for you. 

And remember the seven keys:

The thought key, where you are going to pay special attention to your thoughts. You're going to be more aware of them. You're going to decide whether they are good or bad. You're going to get rid of the bad ones. You're going to bring more good ones in. 

You're then going to put your loving intention into it, making sure that your pure intentions and that you're solid and clear about what your plan is and what you want to see showing up in your life. 

Then you're going to visualize it. You're going to see it with all its detail and all its glory. You're going to put all your feelings into it. 

You're going to pay attention to how it makes you feel. And if it feels really, really great, you're going to want more and more and more of that.

You're going to put your actions behind it and you're going to do something. You're going to use your calendar. You're going to put things on your bathroom mirror. 

You're going to want to share it with everyone. Share every bit of all of that goodness with everyone else and make sure that you keep yourself in mind too. But remember that sharing is a two-way street that you're going to give and then you're going to also let people give to you so that you can receive and they can feel how it feels to share.

And then you're going to touch. You're going to touch it physically. You're going to touch the animals and the plants and the people and you're going to feel the connectedness that we have together. And then you are also going to touch all the different parts of the keys. You're going to touch upon your thoughts and you're going to touch upon your intentions and your visualization, your feelings, your actions and your sharing. And you are going to just bring more and more goodness to your life.