Stones for Healing Energy

stones-for-postitive-healing.jpgHarnessing the Energies of Stones: A Pathway to Healing and Positivity

Incorporating the wisdom of the 7 Positivity Keys, we delve into the ancient practice of utilizing stones and crystals for energy healing—a practice that resonates deeply with the Thought, Intention, Visualize, Feeling, Action, Share, and Touch keys, infusing your journey with holistic well-being and positivity.

Embarking on the Stone's Journey

For centuries, stones and crystals have held the power of energy healing. Each stone, a repository of distinct energy, offers a bridge to physical and emotional well-being—an embodiment of the Feeling key's essence.

Navigating the Path of Stone Healing

Your path to energy healing is a symphony of actions, akin to the Action key's resonance. Embrace the methods below to harness the energies of stones for your well-being:

  • Carry Them - Mirroring the Share key's ability to share positivity, carry a stone in your pocket or bag, allowing its positive energy to resonate throughout your day.
  • Wear Them - Adorning stones as jewelry—pendants, bracelets, or rings—directly connects them with your energy field, a homage to the Touch key's embrace.
  • Meditation and Connection - Engage in meditation by holding a stone or placing it on your body. Merge its energy with your intention, enhancing your meditation practice much like the Visualize key's power.
  • Harmonize Your Space - Create positive spaces, and position stones around your home. They grace windowsills, shelves, or corners, facilitating positive energy flow and harmony.
  • Craft Crystal Grids - Here, intention aligns with the Intention key. Organize stones into geometric patterns, known as crystal grids. Each grid embodies a unique intention, offering a pathway to balance and positivity.  Juli Walsh can inspire you with her book on crystal grids or you can go to to learn more about crystal grids. 
  • Affirmations Anchored - Like the Feeling key's role in anchoring emotions, hold a stone while voicing positive affirmations tied to your intentions. The stone serves as a tangible anchor for your aspirations.
  • Bedside Companion - Parallel to the Share key's companionship, place soothing stones—such as amethyst or rose quartz—on your nightstand. They invite relaxation and usher in positive dreams, much like your calendar's promise.

The Symphony of Stone Energies

Just as the 7 keys each unlock their unique facets of positivity, stones too hold distinct energies. From calming amethyst to empowering citrine, each stone resonates with a unique energy, corresponding to the Feelings key's influence. Together, these stones harmonize the human energy field, much like the keys guide you on your journey.

Embrace the Power of Intention

The key to stone energy healing lies in the intention. Before engaging with a stone, set forth a clear intention, mirroring the Intention key's essence. Feel the stone's energy resonate within you, aligning with the Visualize key's power. Let the energy flow, connecting with the stones and inviting positivity—an embodiment of your mission.

Incorporating these practices, much like the 7 keys, brings forth the potential for well-being, positivity, and transformation. Just as your mission resonates with the power of the keys, the world of stones mirrors your vision—a journey towards unlocking potential, embracing well-being, and infusing life with positive energy.

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