Tapping Method

Unlocking Emotional Balance - The Positivity Keys to the Tapping Method

Enter the world of the Tapping Method, a transformative practice aligning seamlessly with the original 7 keys of positivity: Thought, Intention, Visualize, Feeling, Action, Share, and Touch. Just as these keys guide your journey to a more positive life, the Tapping Method, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), empowers you to achieve emotional equilibrium and mental clarity—an innovative approach to holistic well-being.

Illuminating the Tapping Method's Essence

The Tapping Method, much like the keys you champion, holds the promise of transformation. This self-help technique combines the wisdom of ancient acupressure with modern psychology, providing a holistic approach to releasing emotional blocks, countering negativity, and harmonizing the body's energy flow. As Laura, the founder of Positivity Keys, resonates, the Tapping Method is a key of its own—a gateway to tapping into your body's energy to foster healing and balance.

Harmonizing Energy Through Tapping

As the Thought key initiates change, so does the Tapping Method disrupt energy disruptions. Negative emotions and physical discomfort arise from imbalances in the body's energy systems. Tapping marries the tactile act of tapping on pressure points with a cognitive focus on the issue at hand. This fusion clears energy blockages, facilitating a shift in your body's energy flow. This resonates with the Intention key's ability to set the course for transformation, turning off the stress signal in the brain and inviting in emotional harmony. 


Embrace the Tapping Process

Identification of the Issue - Channel the keys by identifying the emotion, thought, or issue to address. This could be stress, anxiety, a limiting belief, or a specific memory—a Thought is like a seed, ready to grow.

Intensity Rating - As you gauge the intensity of the issue from 0 to 10, you channel the Feeling key's awareness. Just as you acknowledge your emotional state, you hold space for transformation.

Empowering Setup Statement - The Intention key shines as you craft a setup statement, fusing the issue with self-acceptance and affirmation. "Though I feel anxious about [issue], I wholly and lovingly accept myself."

Tapping Sequence - Embrace the Touch key's essence by tapping acupressure points and saying reminder phrases. Brow, eye, under-eye, nose, chin, collarbone, arm, and head—each point resonates with the power of touch and intention.

Check-In and Re-Evaluation - Like the Action key propelling change, pause, and assess. Has your emotional intensity shifted? Use your Feeling Key here to evaluate. The journey mirrors the steps—a cycle of evolution.

Progressive Rounds - Just as you progress through keys, adjust your setup statement and reminder phrases. Much like the Action Key's iterative nature, embrace transformation through repetition.

Closure with Affirmation - The Share key finds its echo in finishing your session with a deep breath and a positive affirmation shared into the universe. The journey you've embarked upon echoes the sharing of positivity. “I feel loved, grounded, and ready to share my energy.”

Harvesting the Power of Tapping

The Tapping Method mirrors your journey toward positivity. It's not limited by emotional challenges or physical discomfort—it's a versatile tool with the ability to connect and spread positivity through your body, mind, soul, and into the universe. Maintain an open mind and remain consistent, just as with the keys. With time, tapping will reveal its transformative prowess—much like the keys themselves, leading you towards a more balanced, harmonious, and empowered self.

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