The Share Key - The Sixth Key of the Positivity Keys

18th Sep 2023

The Share Key - The Sixth Key of the Positivity Keys

The share key is the sixth key of the seven positivity keys. Sharing can make a profound impact on your life. From the time of human existence, our emotions create our stories. We ride off of those emotions that are throughout our bodies. And we start creating a story of either good or bad or happy or sad. There are always those two sides of the coin. When we do choose the positive one, the positive side of things, and we share it with others, it becomes transformative. 

On our journey, we are trying to figure out our purpose and how we're connected with other people. I can tell you just from my own past experiences, that the times when I feel the best are when people just want to be around you. You can walk into a room and be in a happy glorious mood. And everybody wants to be next to you. But I've walked into rooms where somebody has not been so happy and it will almost pull all of the air out of the room where you can't barely even breathe and don't want to be there. When we create this positive energy, it creates vibrations throughout humanity, throughout the whole world, in the universe, and it connects all of us together. And so by sharing, we can unleash our positivity and act as a connection, a bridge to other individuals uniting us all under a shared experience. Through that bridge, uniting everyone together, and being that conduit, we can be harmonious, and we can uplift people, all of us together. 

Sharing, we have to remember as a two-way street, because the act of giving and the act of sharing, even if it's just information or a hug or a smile or an energy about us, all of those things that we push out there as acts of sharing, other people want to experience that too. I noticed myself over the years, I felt really uncomfortable when people shared with me. Somebody wanted to give me a gift. I felt weird. Like, why are you giving me a gift? I don't deserve a gift. But I realized that as I was a gift giver, and loved to share my knowledge and my feelings and my goodness with other people, I wasn't allowing them to actually give back to me. I wasn't being this circle. Instead, it was all one-sided. Over the years, I have learned to become more circle-driven driven sharing where I allow other people to give to me too. 

We can share things through kind words, acts of kindness, and uplifting stories, and they're going to create a ripple effect. And they're going to loop around, and it's going to amplify that joy and that love and that hope that we have. 

Sharing is very important in amplifying all of the keys that you have learned so far through your thoughts, bridging gaps between minds, fostering intellectual growth, and sharing positive thoughts with each other to create a mindset shift, influencing our actions and our perceptions, and inspiring others to see the world through a brighter lens. How awesome would that be? If everybody that we came in contact with, that if we just tried to make their world a little bit brighter, everybody would start seeing things in a brighter light.

Share your intentions with the world, vocalize your aspirations, and create a space for mutual support, encouragement, and accountability. That's why I'm here, because I want to help other people understand the simple ways that you can make changes and shifts in your world to create a happier, more harmonious balance inside of yourself so you can be less aggravated and frustrated and have less anxiety in your life. Know that you have the power to create these things just by using the power of these thoughts and intentions and feelings and visualization and all of these keys together. Once you start on your journey and you start putting things into repetition, you're going to see that you just want to keep going. You want to share it with others. And that's why I'm here, because I do, I want to share it with everybody too. 

That positive thinking calendar is already a source of inspiration if you've purchased it and you own it. It's become a platform for you. Each day you can engage with the keys and you can invite other people to join that journey too. At the end of that calendar, I made it purposefully able to be shared. It's not one that you can throw into the garbage can, it's one that you can use over and over so that we can save our planet from more harm. But you can physically touch something in your hands that you can engage with and that you can at the end of that calendar share it with a friend or a family member and purchase the next calendar so that you have those daily inspirational reminders and that you can engage with others in a sharing aspect. That was one of the things I intentionally did with that positive thinking calendar. 

The joy of sharing your emotions and your positivity has a way of transforming the effect of your emotions. The act of giving and connecting with people is going to release a surge of positive energy within you. You're going to spread it. It's going to be kindness and love, and you're going to get an overwhelming sense of fulfillment through it. And this feeling is going to reinforce the positivity that you're sharing. It's going to create a beautiful cycle of reciprocity through positivity. Embrace all of it and let it go. 

Remember, it's a two-way street. Give to others, let them give to you, ebb and flow. Around that cycle be authentic. Share from your heart, you know how to do this. This is inside of you. You have that power right inside of you to create connections and make sure that they're genuine and enduring. Make sure you're listening to what others have to say about their experience. You know, there are lots of places you can share on Facebook. Facebook is one of my favorite things for sharing. My feed on my Facebook is basically just all positive thinking affirmations from every positive person out there who I have connected through Facebook. My feed just has one after another after another after another of things that are inspiring and uplifting and the things that I don't like on there. I just click that little thing where it tells me not to put it on there anymore. So you can shift the things that are in your life by that way too, making sure that the things that you're looking at are encouraging. 

This sharing of positivity is a privilege that we have to make connections and ignite positive positivity through everything that we do. So let's try to embrace the share key and let it amplify your positivity through connection. By sharing the thoughts, tensions and feelings that we have. It's going to radiate far beyond ourselves. It's going to start shedding more and spreading more positivity and it's going to illuminate others. It's going to make a path for everybody to want to connect together and become more positive in their life. 

If we go back and start from the beginning where we took our thoughts and we paid attention to them and we were aware of what those thoughts were, then we added our positive intentions to it and put it into a path and goals and what we actually wanted to do. And then we visualize it and we see it. We put all our feelings into it and we pay attention to our body and how it makes us feel and then we choose that powerful goodness and we put action behind it. We do something about it and then we share it with others. It is going to just explode around you and you are going to find that more and more and more just keeps showing up. Isn't that what our whole goal is here? It's for more positivity to show up in our lives so that we can feel happier, lighter, and more joy.